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Wondrous Words Wednesday #2

wondrous2Hello Friends,

While reading, we come across many new words that we don’t know about. We don’t always care about to look for their meaning. Fantasy fiction books like Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland are full of such word marvels.

“Wondrous Words Wednesday”, a very interesting meme from Bermuda Onion is to celebrate the new words that we have encountered while reading.

I am currently reading Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne by Alex Rutherford. Here is the interesting new word I found.

Gajnal – This word is used quite a few times in this book, “Khurram could see flashes from musket shots from some of the howdahs and from others came the crash and smoke of his small cannon – his gajnals


The Mughal military employed a broad array of gunpowder weapons larger than personal firearms. This array of weapons was divided into heavy and light artillery.

Gajanals were part of light artillery. Elephants carried two pieces of “elephant barrel/guns/small cannons” artillery and two soldiers to fire them. These small cannons/guns which can easily be carried by elephants were called gajanals.

A Gajnal elephant would be a frightening sight! What do you think?


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