Wondrous Words Wednesday #1

wondrous2Hello Friends,

While reading, we come across many new words that we don’t know about. We don’t always care about to look for their meaning. Fantasy fiction books like Harry Potter, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland are full of such word marvels.

“Wondrous Words Wednesday”, a very interesting meme from Bermuda Onion is to celebrate the new words that we have encountered while reading.

I read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in January this year; found a new word in it. Here it is.

Wastrel – This word is used in a quote by Nick, “When I saw the broadcast later, I didn’t recognise my voice. I barely recognised my face. The booze floating, sludge like, just beneath the surface of my skin made me look like a fleshy wastrel, just sensuous enough to be disreputable.”

Wastrel \weɪstr(ə)l\ It is a noun which literally means a wasteful or good-for-nothing person who expends resources foolishly and self-indulgently.

Luckily for me I have only read this word in books. What do you think about this word? Have you ever come across such a person?
Thanks for reading!


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