12 Stunning Literary Tattoos

Hello Friends,
Let me make a confession, “I love books.” I know,what you are going to say “Isn’t that the reason you have this blog with your self proclamation of being a book-worm?” Well the other part of my little confession is, I love tattoos too; I have 2 tattoos and I am planning for my next one..  that is something different, right?
Books are our best friends, a world away from the real world. The things we read in the books often stay with us for a long time. Why can’t they stay forever — literally. Trends come and go; but books are forever. A literary tattoo can be an apt homage to books.  Keep our favourite literary memories, and most-loved quotes alive forever. Which made me go in search of beautiful book-inspired tattoos.
Believe me, there is a complete world out there of literary tattoos. This world is full of artistic interpretations of famous quotes and/or memories – from the Harry Potter series to Alice in Wonderland to Peter Pan and Hunger Games and many more.
Here is a list of 12 beautiful tattoos that I loved (not in order of preference). Have you come across any super cool artistic lit tattoos? Do share them with me. Would like to know your suggestions.
  • How to read books
  • Books & Tea – a refreshing combination
  • A quirky quote from Alice in Wonderland. Yep, We’re all mad here
  • Harry Potter Tribute – Expecto Patronum with Deathly Hollows
  • Harry Potter Tribute – Expecto Patronum
  • Book Inspired Ink
  • Life is short; sleep less, read more
  • When you’ve got books, you can travel anywhere you want to go
  • We do, don’t we?
  • The colourful book love
  • I’ve lived a thousand lives; I’ve loved a thousand loves. I’ve walked on distant lands and seen the end of time
  • Some books leave us free and some books make us free
Thanks for Reading!

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