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In Review: Paths of Glory – History Through Archer’s Eyes

pathsofgloryPaths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer

Published by St. Martin’s Press
Genres: Fiction, Historical Fiction, Adventure
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback

My Review in 15 Words: Did Mallory get to the top of Everest? Did he not?

A fictional biography on the life of George Mallory – the British mountaineer – who went missing atop Mount Everest during ill-fated 1924 British Mount Everest Expedition.

This book is in its entirety – a fiction – that being said – Mr archer has taken complete creative liberty to bent the facts to make the book more interesting. Hence, don’t read this book expecting accurate historical references; you will not find many.

If you are ok with ignoring the above facts; then this book is an intriguing read.

I love writers who are not heavy on extraneous details. I liked Mr archer’s writing style. The writing is very simple and light. The book has drama, light humour, romance and adventure.

The book makes you feel that you are on the adventure of mountaineering with Mallory. That you also attempted to climb all the mountains with him.

And at the end, you really hope that Mallory and Irvine had achieved the feat – of being the first men to reach Mount Everest Summit, 30 years before it was conquered by Hillary and Norgay.

Thanks for reading!


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