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In Review: Gone Girl – A Diary of A Twisted Mind

Gone Girl Cover

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Published by Broadway Books
Genres: Fiction, Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Contemporary
Pages: 422
Format: Paperback

Review in 10 Words: A diary of a twisted and deranged mind

I am nearly 4 years late in reading this much talked about book. Finally, I decided to give it a go. Usually, I love to read a book in a single day; however, it was difficult with “Gone Girl”. I nearly took a week to finish this book. Reason: This book is a slow burn for the first part. First 20% of this book is seriously sleep inducing and I was on the verge of putting this book on my shelf of “did not finish” AKA “for later reading”. I continued reading on my sheer will to give this book a try.

Amy Dunn (supposedly) gets kidnapped in the first few pages of the book. The slowly uncovered evidence during the investigation points towards her husband Nick as the culprit. And soon the disappearing person case becomes a murder mystery as new evidences (Read: Amy’s blood on the kitchen floor) suggest more than an attempt to kidnap. The first part is all about the investigation, Nick’s aloofness or weird behaviour during this time and Amy’s diary entries (yes, we get to experience Amy’s ranting about her miserable married life through her diary). It got boring pretty fast.

But then the plot got interesting, gritty and very dark; the secrets and contradictions in character’s personalities pulled me in and I could not keep the book down. Introduction of new characters and their idiosyncrasies added to the book’s psychotic plot. The second part with its wicked twist, changed everything. The book that was a mystery suddenly became a twisted psychological thriller of human emotions and a superb guide to criminal minds.

The narrative was so brilliant that I started doubting everything that I have known or read up until that point. And the ending – Oh! The ending – books don’t end this way. But then why not? Nothing in this book was simple, straightforward – why will the ending be? I decided that this is an appropriate ending to a story of a psychotic couple.

This is my first Gillian Flynn book; and I am very impressed with her writing style, narrative and very importantly her very twisted mind.

Recommended Read: Yes, but because of my very inconsistent experience, I won’t be recommending it to ALL readers.  If you have patience to bear with the first 20-30% of the book, this book is for you. After that you will be amazed by a very active mind of a brilliant author.


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